Fleet Technology

Today’s technology for today’s commercial fleets.

The days of trucks being out on the road and disconnected from home base are long gone.  Rush Truck Leasing offers our customers the latest fleet technology to help ensure you always have complete visibility into vehicle position and performance.  We monitor the status of all trucks in real time, including engine diagnostics, location and condition to assess and address any issues before they escalate or turn into breakdowns.

Questions about our fleet technology?

Telematics and ELDs.

Our fleet telematics systems are powered by Geotab®, the industry leader in telematics hardware, service and fleet optimization.  Features include:

  • Real-time GPS vehicle tracking and trip history recording.
  • Electronic logging devices (ELDs) to automatically record driving time and streamline hours-of-service (HOS) record keeping.  ELD solutions are offered on all Rush Truck Leasing vehicles.

We can also provide Rush Truck Leasing customers with telematics and ELDs for their own trucks.

Remote diagnostics.

Rush Truck Leasing continuously monitors your entire fleet while it’s on the job to proactively resolve any issues.  If fault codes are detected, our remote diagnostics capabilities assess the problem while a truck is still out on the road, allowing us to:

Fleet data and reporting.

The critical fleet data we collect through our integrated telematics services helps your business improve and optimize your operations, as well as reduce costs.  We provide access to:

  • Fuel economy reporting to identify solutions for cutting fuel costs through improved driver actions and reduced idle time.
  • Driver coaching and improvement opportunities through driving behavior reporting, including speeding, harsh braking and acceleration and other common habits.
  • Route optimization through reporting on vehicle trip details.

Rush Truck Leasing has a widespread network of locations throughout the U.S. and Canada.

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