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Fleet and Compliance services

Licensing, Permitting & Reporting

When things are rolling, the front end of your business can be exciting and rewarding. But there’s another side of your business running in the background that keeps everything up to speed and in order, and it’s important. Fleet services from Rush Truck Leasing will efficiently handle all your back-end licensing, permitting and reporting needs to help keep your business running smoothly, not to mention save you time, money and a lot of hassle. And our best-in-class fleet telematics and ELDs (electronic logging devices) technology ensures you always have accurate data for compliance purposes.

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Our Managed Fleet Services

All that cumbersome paperwork? Bring it on. Rush Truck Leasing fleet services professionals are knowledgeable and skilled in managing the complex licensing, registration and regulatory compliance reporting requirements of the transportation industry.

Vehicle Licensing

We handle all aspects of registration paperwork, license plate logistics, fuel permit procurement, state-specific record keeping and other mandatory compliance functions.

Fuel tax (IFTA) Reporting and Filing

We track and compile vehicle data on mileage, routes and fuel purchases. Plus, we monitor continually changing regulations that affect the industry and provide our customers with accurate, consolidated reporting. Automated fuel tax reporting options are also available.

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Time-Saving Benefits for Your Fleet

Our fleet services not only help ensure that your business’s assets are ready for the road with proper licenses and permits, they take a lot of the time-consuming tasks off your hands. That’s time better spent satisfying your customers and growing your business.

Rush Truck Leasing efficiently manages all the tedious paperwork and numerous processes to reduce wasted time and the frustration of delays and waiting in long lines. We keep your drivers where they should be — on the road.

Processes our fleet services team manages for you:

  • Quarterly fuel tax (IFTA) reporting
  • Drivers’ permits
  • License documents
  • Annual license applications

Rush Truck Leasing commercial fleet services also make staying on top of new industry regulations easy. We continually monitor the regulatory landscape, automatically report the latest changes and advise you of the implications for your business. We are your eyes and ears in a fast-changing industry.

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Find out how fleet and compliance services from Rush Truck Leasing simplify your business operations.

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